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=== This is an example template for Wednesday ===

It has been created to show you what can be put into a template. You can edit and save it with the buttons above.

Templates can contain any formatting or content that is also allowed in normal entries.

Your text can be:

  • bold
  • //italic//
  • underlined
  • –strikethrough–
  • or some //combination//

You can add images to your template:

Images: [„“/path/to/your/picture““.jpg]

You can link to almost everything:

  • links to files on your computer: [filename.txt „“/path/to/filename.txt““]
  • links to directories: [directory name „“/path/to/directory/““]
  • links to websites: [RedNotebook Homepage „“““]

As you see, bullet lists are also available. As always you have to add two empty lines to end a list.

Additionally you can have titles and horizontal lines:

= Title level 1 =
(The dates in the export will use this level, so it is recommended to use lower
levels in your entries)
== Title level 2 ==
=== Title level 3 ===


% Commentary text can be put on lines starting with a percent sign.
% Those lines will not show up in the preview and the export.


When a template is inserted, every occurence of $date$ is converted to the current date. You can set the date format in the preferences.

There is even more markup that you can put into your templates. Have a look at
the inline help (Ctrl+H) for information.


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