Markdown- & Allgemeine-Shortcuts für Glitch

Markdown- & Allgemeine-Shortcuts für Glitch 1

Keyboard Shortcut Sammlung für Glitch

Allgemeine Shortcuts

Show this list: ?
Show app in new window: Ctrl–Shift–R
Show app next to the code: Ctrl–Shift–U
Project search: Ctrl–PCtrl–KCtrl–;
Sidebar toggle: Ctrl–I
Rewind toggle: Ctrl–Shift–M
Close dialog: ESC

Erweiterte Tastenkürzel

Export to GitHub: Ctrl–Shift–E
Logs toggle: Ctrl–Shift–L
Open console: Ctrl–Shift–X

Text Formatierung

Find text: Ctrl–F
Find and replace: Ctrl–Alt–F
Jump to line: Ctrl–G
Search files: Ctrl–Shift–F
Format file/selection: Ctrl–Alt-S