Markdown- & Allgemeine-Shortcuts für Glitch

Keyboard Shortcut Sammlung für Glitch Allgemeine Shortcuts Show this list: ?Show app in new window: Ctrl–Shift–RShow app next to the code: Ctrl–Shift–UProject search: Ctrl–PCtrl–KCtrl–;Sidebar toggle: Ctrl–IRewind toggle: Ctrl–Shift–MClose dialog: ESC Erweiterte Tastenkürzel Export to GitHub: Ctrl–Shift–ELogs toggle: Ctrl–Shift–LOpen console: Ctrl–Shift–X Text Formatierung Find text: Ctrl–FFind and replace: Ctrl–Alt–FJump to line: Ctrl–GSearch files: Ctrl–Shift–FFormat file/selection: Ctrl–Alt-S

Bootstrap 5 Quick Snippets für Visual Studio Code

Bootstrap 5 Quick Snippets für Visual Studio Code 1

Bootstrap 5 snippets Trigger Description bs5-$ Bootstrap master template bs5-accordion-default Accordion default bs5-accordion-flush Accordion flush bs5-alert-additional-content Alert additional content bs5-alert-closable Alert closable bs5-alert-default Alert default bs5-alert-dismissible Alert dismissible bs5-alert-link Alert link bs5-badge-button Badge button bs5-badge-default Badge default bs5-badge-heading Badge heading bs5-badge-link Badge link bs5-badge-pill Badge pill bs5-bgroup-checkbox Bgroup checkbox bs5-bgroup-default Bgroup default bs5-bgroup-dropdown-vertical Bgroup dropdown … Weiterlesen